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  • TOP GEAR Uncovered: Ice Cream Hover-Van! – Sneak Peek Nov 26 BBC America

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    Watch as RICHARD HAMMOND turns an ordinary ice cream van… into a futuristic hover-craft capable of gliding over water in an Exclusive Sneak Peak at the All New Special TOP GEAR UNCOVERED. Who wants a cone?!

    Then, don’t miss the U.S. Premiere *** Monday Nov 26 at 8:30pm ET *** only on BBC America. Immediately followed by an All New Episode of RICHARD HAMMOND’S CRASH COURSE at 10/9c only on BBC America.

    “It’s always quite a special moment when a Top Gear creature is born like this. Remember always as a Top Gear presenter to be magnanimous in races and victory! Yes, I crushed it, the customers are mine and mine alone!”

    Presented by HAMMOND and featuring stunts and tomfoolery never before seen on TV, TOP GEAR UNCOVERED is the ultimate insight into the TOP GEAR world, with an exclusive look at the world of Top Gear Scientific Research, the Top Gear Diet, the Top Gear Presenter’s Wardrobe and the Top Gear complaints procedure.

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