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  • Top 5 – Gruesome character deaths

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    The recently released Dead Space 3 is full of horrific death scenes. But there are plenty of other games where the main character can die in a horrible way. Get ready for the five most gruesome character deaths in gaming!

    5 – Spike pit – Prince of Persia

    So imagine you’re a little kid playing a new platform game called Prince of Persia on your dad’s pc. You’re having a great time until …. O GOD WHY IS THERE A SPIKE STICKING OUT OF MY LEG!

    The spike pit death in Prince of Persia has scared countless gamers in their precious younger years. And to be honest, it looks just as unpleasant now as it did twenty years ago.

    4 – Chainsaw decapitation – Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil 4 is full of terrifying death animations …. However we had to go with the chainsaw decapitation as the number four on this list. The death happens extremely fast and it shocks you every time. Knowing you could literally lose your head, made facing the chainsaw wielding freaks that much scarier.

    3 – T-Rex – Tomb Raider Anniversary

    The Tomb Raider games are known for the bizarre and gory ways in which you could get Lara Croft killed. But the developers really outdid themselves with the T-Rex in Tomb Raider Anniversary. Screwing up quick time events has never been so much fun. Ouch!

    2 – Drill – Heavy Rain

    While it’s impossible to get a game over in Heavy Rain…you can get all the main characters murdered in awful ways. We chose the fight between Madison and the doctor as the most gruesome death in the game. Imagining that sick doctor molest her dead body disturbs the hell out of us.

    1 – Eyeball scene – Dead Space 2

    Dead Space is a franchise full of amazing ways for you to die. It was hard to pick one death with so much gruesome stuff to choose from, but we did it anyway. It’s going to be … The eyeball scene. It’s the sort of scene that once you see it, you can’t un-see it. Watch out, this might get a little gross…. Ok a lot gross.

    What are some your favourite death scenes in gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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