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  • Top 100 K-Pop Songs – December 2013 Week 1

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    Here’s my own personal Top 100 K-Pop songs for week ending December 7, 2013 (December 2013 – Week 1). Based on mostly my personal tastes but is also somewhat influenced by what’s featured on K-Pop music shows, and retail/online music shop charts.

    Can Taeyang hold on to the spot for 3 weeks with Ringa Linga or will Miss A or Davichi take over? Watch and find out!

    This week’s chart sees 16 new entries. There are comebacks from Younha, The Boss, Gummy, Noel, 2AM, EXCITE, Lee Tuk, Tasty, History and Hyolin. Quite a few OSTs debut as well.

    Be sure to like, comment and subscribe if you like these. Typically charts are updated every Sunday/Monday and is for the week it is published, which is a little different from other charts which is based on the week prior..

    I do try to read and respond to comments, so feel free to leave a message there; or you can send me a private message via YouTube. I do try to respond when possible :)

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