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  • Top 10 “Importance of Angles” Compilation V3 각도의 중요성 角度的重要性

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    The importance of angles when taking a photograph. This is Version 3 compilation video, you can watch Version 2 here if you haven’t do so.

    Guys & girls, you may private message me your “gagdoui jung-yoseong” video to be featured in the next compilation video.
    People calling this “Importance or angles” in English.
    People calling this “각도의 중요성” in Korean.
    People calling this “角度的重要性” in Chinese.
    All videos used in this compilation video belong to their respective owners. You may message me your links to be included here.

    Song: Kromatick – Insomnia
    Kromatick’s channel:

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