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  • Top 10 Best First Auditions X Factor / Got Talent (USA UK/Britain) 2012 #Top MOST VIEWED

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    Top 10 Most Watched Auditions USA/UK/Britain X Factor/Got Talent of 2012

    The biggest mistake most singers make. Check this out:

    The top 10 best / most viewed auditions from the X Factor and Got Talent USA / UK / Britain TV Shows of 2012.

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    Charlotte and Jonathan 27.3 Million Views (BGT)
    ==Charlotte and Jonathan’s new album on iTunes:
    Carly Rose Soneclar 20.5 (X Factor USA)
    Malakai Paul 18 (BGT)
    Lucy Spraggan 18 (X Factor UK)
    Ryan O’Shaughnessy 13.6 (BGT)
    ==Ryan’s New Album on ITunes!!
    Ella Henderson 12.6 (X Factor UK)
    Ashleigh and Pudsey 11.2 (BGT)
    James Arthur 10.9 (X Factor UK)
    ==James Arthur’s new single on Itunes:
    Jillian Jensen 10.6 (X Factor USA)
    ==Jillians new single on Itunes:
    Willie Jones 8.8 (X Factor USA)

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