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  • Motion Timelapse 2013 Showreel

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    Behind the scenes stuff and updates:
    This past year I’ve been shooting more than ever, and more than ever I’ve been shooting all over the globe. I lost count on the amount of sunsets, sunrises, moonrises, starry nights, cloudy nights, hyperlapses, timelapses, image sequences,… I captured, compiled and edited.
    After weeks of editing and reviewing and re-editing after input from friends and colleagues I finally finished my Motion Timelapse 2013 showreel.

    I shot well over 100000 images inbetween Belgium and Australia, using unreleased footage that was shot from over a year ago up until last week.

    The songs used in this video belong to Kill Paris (Baby come back) and Steven Price (Aurora borealis).

    All images were shot on Canon cameras, color corrected with Lightroom and LRTimelapse, compiled in After Effects to 4K UltraHD footage and edited in Final Cut Pro X.

    A list of my gear for the gearheads:
    Canon 5D MkIII
    Canon 600D/Rebel T3i
    Canon 17-40L
    Canon 24-105L
    Canon 70-200L 2,8 IS II
    Tokina 116
    Yongnuo intervalometers
    Magic Lantern Unified
    Macbook Pro Retina
    Manfrotto tripods
    Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung 1TB mobile harddrives.

    If you like behind the scenes footage and stories, I post all of those on my social media pages here:

    For purchasing full resolution edited stills on high quality materials go to my website here:

    For licensing inquiries please contact

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