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  • Tipping the Velvet pt.3-Overlap-Ani Difranco-UK lesbian movie MV

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    Part 3 of a British “mini-series” best to watch pt. 1 &2 first… (I also have vids for pts 1 & 2, with music by Ani D.) Leave a comment. WARNING:Contains lesbian content..offended? Don’t watch! ALSO:NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I OWN NOTHING!! Music by the “no-words-can-even-explain-her” Ani Difranco. Song-Overlap. One of my personal favs! Haven’t heard of Ani? Ohhh, you’re missin’ out! This is a great mini-series. It really grew on me.. I was going to use the original “Overlap” from the album “Out of Range”, but it just wasn’t long enough, so I turned to “Living in Clip”.

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