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  • Thriller at Chattanooga Fire Academy 2011

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    This video is part of a longer version created for Chattanooga (TN) Fire Academy 2011. To see the long version, go to: Or check our newest video for Fire Academy 2012 here:

    There were 24 men and women in Chattanooga Fire Academy 2011. They graduated Feb. 24th, 2011. While receiving their training in the academy, they put in some extra time and effort to pay a little tribute to a classic video created by Michael Jackson. No doubt it’s hard to dance dressed up like a zombie, but try doing it dressed in full firefighter turnout gear! This video is a gift to the graduates of Chattanooga Fire Academy 2011, and is not for sale. No profit was made from the production of this video.

    If you liked this video, you might check out the video for Chattanooga Fire Academy 2009. It’s got a James Bond theme and you can see it by clicking here:
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