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Thoracentesis to remove 1200cc of Pleural Fluid at Harborview
This is me getting a Thoracentesis at Harborview Medical Center in downtown Seattle. They removed 1200cc of Fluid from my lung cavity. My other injures were a grade 5 spleen disruption, lacerated kidney, a large piece of windshield in my forearm and road rash. The spleen injury irritated my diaphragm which caused my lung cavity to fill with the fluid. My injuries were a result of being hit by a car while on a motorcycle. I spent 9 days at the hospital. This video was shot a few hours before I was released. I had a mini-mal seizure while having the same procedure done 3 days later. Look at my other videos to see the ER DR digging glass out of my forearm with her fingers [GRAPHIC]. Procedure = Thoracentesis Fluid = Pleural Fluid / Pleural Effusion Volume = 1200cc
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