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  • This Is Why We Love Comics

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    From comic strips and comic books to graphic novels and webcomics, see why we can’t stop reading.

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    From the flip of the page to the musk of old paper. For Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, and Neil Gaiman. Because Peanuts taught us how to read, Batman taught us how to draw, and Superman taught us how to be brave. Whether we’re readers, collectors, or creators, there’s a million reasons why we love comics. Here are a few.

    Video by Kevin McShane



    Where Now[Instrumental] by Ghost13


    CULTURES MAISON#3 by Festival Cultures Maison

    Collectors Corner: Free Comic Book Day documentary by Wise Films

    BulletProof Comics by Aulistar Mark


    Jack Kirby by Alan Light

    Holly by Alan Light

    Stan Lee (right) by Alan Light

    Stan Lee by Gage Skidmore

    SPIN Presents Liner Notes with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman by Zoe

    Christmas decorations – Charlie Brown and Sally read the Sunday comics by Kevin Dooley

    Private G.U.I. Lambert, 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Regiment, reads a comic book in a slit trench, Korea / Le by BiblioArchives

    Paper, boy by makelessnoise

    おもれーなコレ。なー by Toshimas Ishibashi

    Maus by Michael

    Em bé đọc truyện tranh Doremon (B&W) // A little girl read comics Doremon by Tri Nguyen

    tokyo subway by Gustavo Verîssimo

    Alan Moore by Fimb

    Stewart House boys looking at comics from a Sunday paper, South Curl Curl Beach, by Sam Hood, 10 by State Library of New South Wales

    Reading by The Integer Club

    Pleasure / Reading by David Goehring

    The Stack by James LeVeque

    San Diego Comic-Con 2011 – Riddler, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Black Canary by pop culture geek

    Júlia and Donald by Ruben

    Comic-Con: International 2011 by Port of San Diego

    Up Up and Away by manoj_vm

    252. by Deb Stgo

    Poo-poo to you, Mr. Superspeed!

    Colleen Doran by Pat Lokia

    Comic-Con 2006 – Mr Fantastic by pop culture geek

    Valerie and Maggie Thompson by Alan Light

    Gabe and Tycho are very nice for people who do not smile by Brendan Adkins

    Other images licensed via Shutterstock and Getty Images



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