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  • This is Not a Conspiracy Theory (Part 1)

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    An investigation into the forces that shape us.
    From the creator of “Everything is a Remix,”
    a documentary feature delivered in installments.
    Pre-order the full series at

    *** Full show notes to come! ***

    Score by
    John Woods

    Creative Consultant
    Karin Soukup

    Fonts by The Font Bureau

    Stock footage donated By iStock

    Additional Motion Graphics
    Louis Wesolowsky

    Production Assistant
    Lorenzo Santos

    Additional Motion Graphics by Michael Ashton (, Juan Behrens ( and Luca Bartolomei

    Legal Counsel
    Jack Lerner and The University Of Southern California School of Law

    Thank you to Simon Russell, whose particle animations were used in the systems montage

    Thank you to Rod Weatherbie, Donald Cox, Andy Newman, Erik Kok, Nate Parsons, Devin DiMattia, Matt Radcliffe, Sam Saxton, Benjamin Riggs, Shawn Brenneman, Adam Rutherford, Jenny Bartashnik, Adam Savage, Adam Besheer

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