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  • The Unicorn – The Irish Rovers

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    This is the song that changed the lives of 5 young lads from Ireland, The Irish Rovers… and they changed the life of The Unicorn. As one of the most memorable songs in Canadian culture, it takes you back to a day when life was simpler. This video was taken at Waterfront Hall in Belfast during filming for the DVD, “Home in Ireland”. This is a “Behind the Scenes” video.
    On the DVD the lads are joined by special musical guests Foster and Allen, Cathal McConnell, The Gerry O’Connor Band, Patrick Davey and Morris Crum.

    Song: “The Unicorn” from the Live CD, “Home In Ireland”. Words by Shel Silverstein/Hollis Music

    Location – Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Sept. 2010

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