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  • The Twelves ~ Dirty Dozens ~ Kokomo Arnold

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    open d tuning, arrangement for six-string guitar-

    Says I want everybody : fall in line Shake your shimmy : like I’m shaking mine You shake your shimmy : shake it fast If you can’t shake your shimmy : shake your yas yas yas Says *I am* with your mama : out across the field Slipping and a‑sliding : just like an automobile I hollered at your mama : I told her to wait She slipped away from me : just like a Cadillac Eight Say I like your mama : sister too I did like your papa : but your papa wouldn’t do I met your papa : around the corner the other day I soon found out : that he was funny that a‑way Says I went out yonder : New Orleans The wildcat jumped : on the sewing machine The sewing machine : sewed so fast Sewed ninety‑nine stitches : up his yas yas yas Says God made Adam : made him stout He wasn’t satisfied : until he made him a snout He made him a snout : just as long as a rail He wasn’t satisfied : until he made him a tail He made him a tail : just to fan the flies He wasn’t satisfied : until he made him some eyes He made him some eyes : just to look on the grass He wasn’t satisfied : then he made his yas yas yas He made his yas yas yas : so he couldn’t get a trick He wasn’t satisfied : until he made him sick He made him sick : and then made him well You know by that : the big boy’s coughing in hell

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