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  • The Tutu Project’s Story Told in Germany by Deutsche Telekom (Long Version)

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    The Tutu Project is proud to announce that they were chosen by Deutsche Telekom to tell their story of how Bob and Linda Carey have chosen to deal with breast cancer through inspiration, courage and love.


    “Things get great when People start sharing” — It’s under this motto that Deutsche Telekom will give true stories a platform as part of its future communication. The focus is on sharing special moments, made possible by Deutsche Telekom’s innovative telecommunications technologies.

    “Sharing has never been more relevant for people than it is today — and it’s becoming more and more so. We are making sharing special moments the focus of our communication to underline the relevance of today’s telecommunications technologies,” said Hans-Christian Schwingen, Head of Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication at Deutsche Telekom. “Life writes countless true and moving stories. We will be picking up on some of them in future and giving them a platform.”

    A special thanks to Deutsche Telekom for letting us share this story on our channel.

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