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  • The Tortured 2010 (full Movie)

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    The film tells the story of a couple whose life is broken when a serial killer kidnaps, tortures and kills their only son. The wife blames her husband. In order to obtain revenge, the couple kidnap and torture the serial killer, but then have to deal with the stress of torturing him.

    Erika Christensen as Elise
    Jesse Metcalfe as Craig
    Bill Moseley as Kozlowski
    Aaron Pearl as Father
    Viv Leacock as Officer Patterson
    Yee Jee Tsoa as Dr. Scanlan
    Darryl Scheelar as Officer Alvarez
    Thomas Greenwood as Ben
    Peter Abrams as Judge Stanley
    Stephen Millera as Dr. Locke
    Donita Dyer as Mrs. Holden

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