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  • The spiral with Ho Scale 241cars 9 engines

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    The spiral with Ho Scale with 141 cars 9 engines. The 15″radius at the top of the spiral was tough to overcome.

    All radius curves from Bachman ez track to make this work.
    15″ 18″ 22″ 26″ 28″ 33 1/4″ 35 1/2″

    All 9 engines that are used are old fictitious EMD Union Pacific Gp 18′s. Sold under the Bachmann name! Still has the little triangle on the bottom of the diesel tank. I would bet these are an upgraded version of the AHM. The AHM version only had two pick ups on each side of each truck. These have all four. Eight wheels of pickup. Plastic gears, Plastic trucks, Plastic frame, But Aluminum WHEELSETS… The Aluminum tarnishes over time and gives it a dull yellow cover. That is fine with me.

    These engines are well over 30 years old.. And cheap. Very cheap.

    To this day. Still have no problem with any of them. Just keep the wheels clean. And the gears lubed.

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