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  • The Sims Complete Soundtrack [+Expansions] [HD]

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    Eight hours of all your favourite music from The Sims. – You’re welcome!

    Main Music -

    Neighbourhood 00:39
    Build Mode 10:44
    Buy Mode 42:34
    Latin Misc (+Radio) 53:00
    Hot Date Jazz (Downtown) 1:26:34
    On Holiday (Vacation) 2:07:24
    Superstar 2:35:47
    Makin’ Magic 3:03:05
    Makin’ Magic Build Mode 3:18:53
    Makin’ Magic Buy Mode 3:31:49

    Radio Stations -

    Beach Radio 3:45:12
    Classical Radio 4:01:06
    Country Radio 4:22:52
    Country Dance Radio 4:48:30
    Disco Radio 5:03:57
    Rap Radio 5:22:13
    EZ Radio 5:40:12
    EZ Exp Radio 6:03:51
    Rave Radio 6:19:53
    Rock Radio 6:37:57
    Superstar Radio + Build Mode 7:01:22
    Unleashed Radio + Buy/Build Mode 7:14:15

    Artist: Jerry Martin

    Contains all expansions:

    The Sims: Livin’ Large (The Sims: Livin’ It Up)
    The Sims: House Party
    The Sims: Hot Date
    The Sims: Vacation (The Sims: On Holiday)
    The Sims: Unleashed
    The Sims: Superstar
    The Sims: Makin’ Magic

    Doesn’t include the Loading Loops. Sorry!

    Links can be found here:

    Livin’ Large:
    House Party:
    Hot Date:
    Makin’ Magic:

    Whole Playlist:

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