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  • The Science of Snowflakes | It’s Okay to be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

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    You are a beautiful and curious snowflake.
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    Snowflakes are infinitely beautiful, but are they infinitely unique? Here’s all the science behind Earth’s favorite cold crystal.

    More reading:

    Wilson Bentley, The Snowflake Man of Vermont

    Kenneth Libbrecht’s SnowCrystals website (the definitive snow science page on the internet):

    The true shape of snowflakes:

    Timeline of snowflake research:

    Interactive water crystal packing (Firefox is best)

    The case of two identical snowflakes:

    My previous blog posts about snowflakes:


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    Joe Hanson – Host and writer
    Joe Nicolosi – Director
    Amanda Fox – Producer, Spotzen Inc.
    Katie Graham – Director of Photography
    Andrew Matthews – Editor and motion graphics

    Produced by PBS Digital Studios:

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