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  • The Science of Kissing | It’s Okay To Be Smart | PBS Digital Studios

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    Pucker up. I’m gonna lay some science on you!
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    When you really think about it, kissing is an odd human behavior. You know, all the rubbing of our faces all over each other. So there must be a good reason why we do it, right? From motherly comforts to testing the genetic compatibility of your “mate” . . . the science of kissing is pretty awesome.

    Check out “The Science of Kissing” by Sheril Kirshenbaum:

    Sheril’s book has an extensive bibliography if you’d like to look more closely at any of these studies, but here’s a couple that I mentioned:

    Study of facial features and attractiveness (“men prefer fuller, redder lips”):

    Claus Wedekind’s famous “t-shirt” study:

    “Why do mothers cradle their babies on the left?” by Sieratzki and Woll, 1996

    Want to know more about the famous Austin mural where we shot this?

    Did you catch the cameo from Julia Wilde?


    Have an idea for an episode or an amazing science question you want answered? Leave a comment below!

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    Joe Hanson – Host and writer
    Joe Nicolosi – Director
    Amanda Fox – Producer, Spotzen Inc.
    Katie Graham – Director of Photography
    Andrew Matthews – Editor and motion graphics
    John Knudsen – Gaffer
    Isaac Hammons – Sound

    Produced by PBS Digital Studios:

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