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  • The Reluctant Saint (San José de Cupertino)

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    Saint Joseph of Cupertino was born Giuseppe Maria Desa in Copertino, Puglia, Kingdom of Naples
    (June 17, 1603 — September 18, 1663)
    “He was unsuited for scholarship, but could answer intricate questions regarding the faith.”

    (140.1) 12:8.5 As the mind of any personality in the universe becomes more spiritual — Godlike — it becomes less responsive to material gravity. Reality, measured by physical-gravity response, is the antithesis of reality as determined by quality of spirit content. Physical-gravity action is a quantitative determiner of nonspirit energy; spiritual-gravity action is the qualitative measure of the living energy of divinity.
    ——The Urantia Book (Paper 12)

    ███████████████████████████████████████ ►►►►►…Less Responsive to Material Gravity.◄◄◄◄◄

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