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  • The Police – Message In A Bottle – Guitar Percussion Cover

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    Here we have Sam Westphalen performing The Police hit “Message In A Bottle” in the studio at the Australian Institute of Music.
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    Sam is currently studying Composition and Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

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    Sam Westphalen
    In the absence of a drummer, Sam hits his guitar a lot in an attempt to get as much music out of the instrument as possible. His YouTube videos have reached over 500,000 views (that’s over 1,000,000 eyeballs) with an overwhelmingly positive response. He can be spotted on the streets of Sydney, earning more than minimum wage by playing guitar and receiving money from generous passersby. He can also write about himself in the 3rd person when necessary.
    For more info on Sam and his new EP “Redboom” visit his website Check him out on itunes and cdbaby

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