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  • The Physics of Figure Skating

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    The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have begun! Feeling inspired, Laci thought it would be fun to do some research of her own. So, watch as she takes to the ice to interview some professional figure skaters, learn the physics of figure skating, and view some of the incredible moves these skaters can perform!

    Special Thanks to the Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center!
    San Francisco, CA

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    Figure Skating Spins

    “Everyone has seen the classic “scratch spin” in figure skating, where the skater draws her arms and a leg in and speeds up tremendously.”

    Science of the Olympic Winter Games: Figuring Out Figure Skating

    “Every four years, we watch the stakes for Olympic figure skaters get higher, as they try to increase rotation in the air with their triple axels and quadruple toe loops. How do they do that?”

    What figure skaters, orbiting planets and neutron stars have in common

    “Some things, you can depend on – at least in physics.”

    Olympic Figure Skating: Human Body’s Limits May Prevent Leap Forward

    “For a sport judged partially on style, figure skating has not changed much with the times: The billowing, sequined costumes look the same as they have for decades, the classical music never goes in or out of style, and the jumps (which actually determine the score) have more or less stayed the same.”

    More info on Don & Professional Skating!

    Professional Skaters Association

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    Are Olympic Medals Real Gold?

    TestTube Wild Card

    Evolution of Throwing


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