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  • The parking radar SPBS10

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    The parking radar SPBS10 The parking radars or the parktronics are irreplaceable for all motorists, as we often find our cars with scratched or jammed rear bumper, mostly caused by small columns and high borders, unseen from the car, rather than the absence of driving practice. The parking radar РSPBS10 will warn you of the approaching object, which you cannot see from the car. In order to trace obstacles and measure the distance to them, the system uses ultrasonic sensors, which are being cut into the rear bumper of the car. The data from the sensors is processed within the control block and shown on the screen as the distance to the object its location versus the car and a warning sound. As the distance to the obstacle shortens, the frequency of the warning signal increases. The first sounds may be heard as the car approaches the obstacle by 1-2 meters, and when the object is dangerously close, less than 30 cm away, the sound becomes persistent. The installation of the parking radar does not require specila competence, the most complicated stage being the connection of the ultrasonic sensors. The set includes a drill. Let us start installing! We are on the street. Try installing the parktronic onto your car. You will need a drill, a tape measure and a marker to mark the drilling points, where the sensor outlets on the bumper will be located. The set includes a special drill, which will help to make the outlets for the sensors. Here is the drill. So what do we do? Everything is clearly shown on the guidance scheme including the gaps and the distance between them. This is where I want to install the first sensor. Make a mark and measure the distance to the next point. It is 114 cm. Now do the following. Divide these 114 cm into 3 equal parts, measure them and mark the drilling points. 114 cm divided by 3 is 38 cm. Now I measure and mark the points for drilling the outlets. The first stage of the task is completed, put aside the maker and the measuring tape. Prepare the drill. Now, having drilled the outlets, try inserting the sensors into them. You have installed 1 sensor. Having installed the ultrasonic sensors onto the bumper, connect the control block to the rear lantern. This is what we do. By means of the connectors, included into the set, connect earth to earth and supply to supply. Now the …

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