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  • The new life EP3-2 (Karin)

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    Subtitles. (Machine translation)

    1. Here a convenient place.
    2. The engine has overheated.
    3. What trouble.
    4. Anything terrible.
    5. Tell, Karin, in a city where you go,
    6. Absolutely nobody knows you?
    8. And this Devid what called to you?
    9. You are familiar?
    9. Devid Rejdzh? It my future colleague.
    10. Means, he should meet you?
    11. And you communicated only by phone?
    12. Well… Yes.
    13. Remarkably.
    14. That… What do you do?!
    15. Rise!
    16. Well, still you want? And?
    17. Please, do not beat.
    18. I will give you money, only do not beat more!
    19. Remove from itself all and stack on back sitting.
    20. Clothes and сostume jewellery.
    21. Remove all!
    22. Here so, Karin. Much better!
    23. You know, when I have seen you, was delighted!
    24. The lonely girl, on the journey. What opportunity!
    25. Will suffice to sob!
    26. It is more than sound, clearly?
    27. You have accepted me for the decent girl?
    28. It is not surprising, after all I so am tidy dressed.
    39. Such girl cannot be the maniac, you have solved.
    40. But business in that, Karin that I have killed that girl,
    41. That, in whose clothes now I go.
    42. What do you want from me?
    43. In a clinic I read much.
    44. Detectives, about love and, of course, to the classic.
    45. At me it will turn out to be the teacher of the literature.
    46. You probably joke?
    47. No, at all.
    48. I will not allow!
    49. Ah you an animal!
    50. As it is sick!
    51. Please, do not kill!
    52. So, what at us?
    53. Some edges are broken,
    54. But it is live.
    55. Hardy has got. Well, all right.
    56. It is necessary to take away pants and a brassiere.
    57. Has fainted. Well it is necessary!
    58. Remarkably! All quite on the size.
    59. What if to put on it my former clothes?
    60. Its corpse can accept for mine.
    61. Oh… I in the car? That…
    62. Farewell, the unfortunate little fool.
    63. Now, Karin Evans is I!
    64. О-о, Devid!
    65. Yes, it is Karin. Hello, Devid!
    67. As it is pleasant that you have called.
    68. You so often call and worry about me.
    69. Thanks for a compliment.
    70. No, I’m fine. At the fellow traveller the car
    71. Has broken. But I think that could find the new.
    72. When I will arrive to a city, I will call you
    73. And you explain, how to us to meet.
    74. Yes, I too with impatience wait. See you soon.
    75. Now to reach a city…
    76. At me the car has broken. Will not bring up to a city?
    77. I on foot go already whole hour.
    78. I will be glad to you to help. But how your car?
    79. I could look that with it.
    80. I will send behind it repairmen, later.
    81. She is late.
    82. Perhaps once again to call?
    83. Devid Rejdzh? Hello.
    84. I am Karin Evans.
    85. Ms. Karin! At last you have reached.
    86. Is very glad to see you внашем a city.
    87. I worried for you, Karin.
    88. It is lovely, but what with me could happen?
    89. It is difficult to tell. It is good that all has managed.
    90. The school has allocated to you this house for residing.
    91. While teach at us, can live here.
    92. What fine house!
    93. Very much it is pleasant to me.
    94. Transfer many thanks from me to the director.
    95. Certainly, I will transfer.
    96. Your things already delivered, Karin.
    97. All in an integrity and safety.
    98. Can unpack them though now.
    99. Have a rest today, and I will fetch you tomorrow morning.
    100. I will bring you to school, to issue papers and to get acquainted
    101. You are very kind, Mr. Devid.
    102. To you I will not disturb. You, probably, have got tired from the trip.
    103. Have well a rest before tomorrow.
    104. Thanks you for everything, Mr. Devid.
    105. We will meet tomorrow, Karin.
    106. The excellent house!
    107. No, not in vain I have started the runaway!
    108. It is so much cosiness and conveniences in the chamber at all did not dream!
    109. And the main thing that it is not necessary to disappear from anybody more!
    110. I after all any more the madman Dzhenis.
    111. I am Karin Evans, the teacher of the literature!
    112. It is necessary to be prepared well by tomorrow.
    113. I feel, I will be pleasant like a life Karin.
    114. So, what at us here?
    115. The lovely dress. Probably, Karin carried its houses.
    116. So it is accurately packed. What is it?
    117. Similar on the book.
    118. The same its diary! Karin, thanks you!
    119. What details!
    120. And even intimate relations has described! I adore!
    121. Karin, you a miracle!
    122. The scorched bones Karin cannot identify.
    123. Its diary will help me to behave correctly.
    124. I will wear its clothes, to live here under her name.
    125. For it will not search at all, considering that I am it.
    126. Karin Evans…
    127. I never even could imagine that to a camp.
    128. The teacher of the literature!

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