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  • The most challenging food in Korea

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    Most of people love Korean food due to its beautiful colours, taste, texture and freshness.
    However, some Korean food are too challenge to eat for foreigners. Maybe that is because of they never saw it before or never eat them in their country.
    The list of challenge food are…
    1. Sundae – made by pig intestine filled with vegetables and soy sauce.
    2. Pork hocks – this is marinated pig trotters.
    3. San nakji – baby alive octopus.
    4. Gaebul – usually called as sea worms.
    This video is introducing those four most challengeable Korea food to you!
    Four of them is most popular food between Koreans actually.
    Taste is really awesome and also very good for your health!
    This American guy eats well those of them like Korean! so you can do it too!
    There are so many healthy, challengeable food in Korea that you never heard of it so do not afraid of eating them! :)

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