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  • “The Magic Man” Magic Johnson mix (made by NPZ)

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    A film created in honor of Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Chick Hearn. Bill Simmons wrote that Magic was one of the major superstars for whom no one has made a definitive video “mix” or compilation. This is my attempt at correcting that.

    I don’t prefer “mix” style videos that are set to music, so I tried to edit clips while using the original play by play. My intent was to demonstrate Magic’s intelligent court awareness and passing ability; his cleverness and showmanship, his left and right handed traditional hooks (a shot that retired along with him); and his uncanny knack of hitting big shots and long bombs even on occasions when he just heaved the ball up.

    Props to my friend Davo (YT nym DavoBirmingham2) for necessary post-production work. Props to fans of any age and any affiliation who appreciate this era of basketball. Thanks to Larry B, Mike B, and Jim B.

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