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  • The Hunt for MR. GOLD PART 4 – BE THE GOLD! LEGO Series 10 Minifigure Unboxing & GIVEAWAY #bethegold

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    September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In order to help spread awareness of this great cause, we are dedicating this video to the BE THE GOLD Campaign. Please take a moment to visit the BE THE GOLD website at: and like their Facebook Page:

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    Welcome to Part 4 of our Hunting for Mr. Gold series!
    Here Jill and Evan open up 15 more blind bags from our Lego Series 10 minifigure box. The box contains 60 individual blind bags, each containing a single minifigure.
    There are only 5,000 Mr. Gold minifigures in the world. So finding one is very difficult. It is not gauranteed that he will be in a box.

    Will we find Mr. Gold?

    We have 27 LEGO Series 10 figures to give away to our loyal subscribers. Follow these steps to enter!
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    3. Leave a comment telling us which figure you’d like to win
    These are the figures that you can win:
    Sad Clown
    Revolutionary Soldier
    Tomahawk Warrior
    Warrior Woman
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    Baseball Fielder
    Roman Commander

    We will be randomly selecting 27 lucky winners on September 20, 2013

    SPOILER (Below is the list of figures that we found in this episode and in our previous episodes. Only scroll down if you don’t want to be surprised):

    PART 1
    Sad Clown X2
    SkyDiver minifigure X2
    Revolutionary Soldier X2
    Warrior Woman minifigure X2
    Decorator / Painter minifigure X2
    Librarian minifigure X2
    Sea Captain minifigure
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    Medusa Minifigure

    PART 2
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    Warrior Woman
    Sea Captain
    Revolutionary Soldier
    Sad Clown
    Sky Diver
    Tomahawk Warrior
    Paintballer X2
    Painter/Decorator X2
    Roman Commander X3

    PART 3
    Bumblebee Girl
    Sad clown
    Roman Commander
    Tomahawk Warrior X2
    Motorcycle Mechanic X2
    Trendsetter X2
    Baseball Fielder X3

    PART 4
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    Bumblebee Girl
    Revolutionary Soldier
    Warrior Woman
    Tomahawk Warrior
    Roman Commander X2
    Skydiver X2
    Baseball Fielder X3
    MR. GOLD!!!!!
    EvanTubeHD finds Mr. Gold!

    Let us know what you want to see next!

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