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  • The Hunt for MR. GOLD! EvanTubeHD LEGO Series 10 Minifigure Unboxing – PART 1

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    Welcome to another episode of EvanTubeHD REQUESTS!

    We had a lot of requests to do a search for the elusive and rare Mr. Gold minifigure. So we picked up a box of Series 10 LEGO Minifigures. The box contains 60 individual blind bags, each containing a single minifigure.

    There are only 5,000 Mr. Gold minifigures in the world. So finding one is very difficult. It is not gauranteed that he will be in a box. We’re going to try and complete a couple sets and then give the extra figures away to our viewers! So stay tuned for the giveaway!
    Will we find Mr. Gold?

    SPOILER (Below is the list of figures that we found in this episode. Only scroll down if you don’t want to be surprised):

    Sad Clown minifigure X2
    SkyDiver minifigure X2
    Revolutionary Soldier X2
    Warrior Woman minifigure X2
    Decorator / Painter minifigure X2
    Librarian minifigure X2
    Sea Captain minifigure
    Motorcycle Mechanic
    Medusa Minifigure

    So no Mr. Gold this time around. Stay tuned for PART 2 coming soon!

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