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  • The Horrifying Reality Of Brazil’s Sex Slaves

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    Sex Abuse (2004): Brazil’s rampant sex industry

    Brazil has become the new paedophile capital of the world. The country’s own politicians have been caught colluding in the sex industry.

    “Once I have found someone who helps me and likes me I will leave this life for good,” says 12 year old Maiana. Already a veteran of the sex industry, she dreams of being whisked away by one of her foreign clients. But the sex industry is not fuelled by foreign tourists alone. Recent investigations show that sex rings are being run by men at the highest level in society. “There have been cases involving town councillors and mayors,” states Waldermar Olivera from the children’s charity CEDECA. “In one case the president of the council was abusing a three year old.” Children are being sold to brothels abroad for as little as 15 cents. With corruption rife at every level, campaigners are having a tough time cracking down on abusers.

    Back to Back, David Notman-Watt – Ref. 2278

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