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  • The Hidden Cameras – Gay Goth Scene (Official Video)

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    Director: Kai Stänicke
    D.O.P.: Thomas Schneider
    release date: 4th October 2013

    »Gay Goth Scene« is the first single from The Hidden Cameras’ new album »AGE«, which will be released in early 2014. The song has been part of The Hidden Cameras’ live performances since 2002 (mostly at shows around Halloween). Dark crooning on epic string chords, »Gay Goth Scene« was recorded by Ohad Benchetrit (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think) and was finally completed with the otherworldly vocals of iconic Canadian singer Mary Margaret O’Hara.

    »Gay Goth Scene« is an observational fiction of a likewise fictional family conflict:
    »(…) We don’t want no gay goth scene in this house / We don’t want no gorgeous teen in your mouth (…)«

    Joel Gibb sings the vibrato of the chastising parents’ perspective, while O’Hara’s free-improv descent into hell channels the wounded soul of the boy and also the mother and father’s exaggerated imagination of a non-existent ›scene‹.

    Kai Stänicke’s award-winning short film for »Gay Goth Scene« reveals yet another level of interpretation, the Berlin-based director shifts the desperate situation of forbidden love into the classroom.

    »Gay Goth Scene« — in both song and film — is a tragic love story foreshadowing the tone and theme of The Hidden Cameras’ upcoming album »AGE«.

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