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  • The Female Orgasm Science

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    Men can make great headway with women if they learn to take time off and explore her body, pay more attention to her needs and allow her to reach her climax before he does. The female, unlike man, is able to enjoy multiple orgasms during sex. Multiple orgasms are intermittent but continuous spasms that rock a woman when she is sexually aroused. A woman can even have split second orgasms more than once during sexual intercourse.

    Men are not able to achieve more than one orgasm at a time. For some, it may take a few minutes to be aroused and then start working towards another climax. As one gets older, it may take more than a day to get another orgasm. Therefore, when performing sexual activity, it is important for the man to ensure that his partner reaches her peaks before he does. This could result in a lasting relationship.

    The female orgasm can be clitoral or vaginal. Under the clitoral hood outside the vaginal canal is the clitoris where many nerve endings meets. This is a erogenous zone for women and when a man strokes and fondles a woman, he is bound to hit the right spot. By seducing, teasing and fondling, it is possible to arouse the sexual desire in a woman. Once she is sufficiently aroused, she will guide you to the right spot and you can make her feel heightened sensations as she climaxes.

    The vaginal orgasm takes place when a little nub, which is located 1.5″ to 3″ inside her vaginal canal, is stimulated. One has to insert two fingers inside the vagina, and move their fingers from side to side to stoke and kindle the dormant fires inside. With the index finger bent and facing upwards, if one plays along the wall, the nub, which is a little spongy to the feel, can be felt, as it swells up when aroused. This form of orgasm is very exhilarating for the female.

    When women masturbate, they explore and feel the areas that pleasure them the most.
    They can use their fingers or some sex toys to reach certain areas. When they are turned on, they are able to guide their men to the exact pleasure spot that helps them quickly reach ecstasy.
    Bob Mckenzie is the expert author of Bedroom Master, an explosive online guide jam packed with the hottest and most effective sex tips you can start using TONITE!

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