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  • The Evolution of Callie and Arizona (Includes every kiss up to ep. 6×24)

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    Disclaimer: I do not own ANYTHING. All characters, scenes, storylines, etc. belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC. This is merely for entertainment purposes.

    Watch in 480p, please!

    I was very, very bored so I decided to make a compilation of every Calzona kiss (up to 6×24) plus a couple of other intimate scenes. Remember when we fan girls would squee when they TOUCHED? Well, I made this so that everyone can see just how much their level of intimacy has evolved. From awkward shoulder grabs (6×08) to full on make out session IN PUBLIC (6×24), our girls really have grown. And let’s hope they continue to grow.

    Btw, some clips aren’t cut the best. Just bare with me, I made this at 3 in the morning and I’m too lazy to fix it so…yeah.


    UPDATE: It’s come to my attention that many of you are curious of the songs that play during each scene. Here’s the list of songs (let me know if any are missing):

    5×14: “Never Want to Say it’s Love” By Dido
    5×20: “Vagabonds and Clowns” By Mostar Diving Club
    5×22: “Turn to Stone” By Ingrid Michaelson
    6×08: “Her Rotating Head” By Bachelorette
    6×12: “Something Bigger, Something Better” By Amanda Blank & “Better” By Matthew Mayfield
    6×16: “Diane” By Mike Doughty
    6×20: “Trapped in a New Scene” By Octoberman
    6×21: “Make it Without You” By Andrew Belle
    6×22: “Open Your Eyes” By Andrew Belle
    6×24: “The Way it Ends” By Landon Pigg

    Hope that helps!

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