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  • The DTEASE – Wall Street Prostitute

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    I wanna be a Wall Street prostitute
    Survive the crash with a golden parachute
    Feed off the vices of one tenth of a percent
    Laugh at the masses whose futures all got spent
    And I got this feeling like I’m sick but I don’t know what it is
    On my knees to calculate well it’s just part of the biz
    Yea Yea
    Yea Yea

    I wanna be a profit driven whore
    Who comes for money and left always wanting more
    Suck off the pipeline like a diamond parasite
    Safe from the wars that the poor are doomed to fight
    And swallow the annihilate of all souls headed south
    Self medicate to wash the taste of greed out of my mouth
    Yea Yea
    Yea Yea

    Outside the starving huddle as they freeze
    Inside the party rolls we aim to please

    I wanna be a harlot for the reich
    Spread like free trade syphilis then vanish in the night
    Sell my soul for misery on which my life depends
    An insatiable sick circle jerk of seven deadly sins
    No urge too low to satisfy just take me ’til I bleed
    The world’s oldest profession I’m so glad to fill the need
    Yea Yea
    Yea Yea

    I wanna be
    I wanna be
    A Wall Street prostitute

    Music Produced By Ronnie King

    Video By Catherine Imperio

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