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  • The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya ENGLISH DUB

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    The uh… entire movie in english. Please support kyotoanimation, bandai, and everyone else and buy the blueray/dvd. Support the animation you want to keep coming over seas!


    Q: What Does Asahina Wisper to Kyon?
    A: “wo towa” “wo” is conjegative. “towa” refers to forever. It could be anything like “I could stay like this forever”. Make with it what you want.

    Q: At he end of the movie, Yuki covers her mouth with a book. Why?
    A: The boy helping the girl get a library card is the mirror image of Kyon Helping Yuki in the past. Yuki is unable to express any emotion. However, books make her happy. THE BOOK is a symbol of happiness. She is putting happiness in front of where her mouth is. Get it? It’s symbolic.

    Q: Who was the girl that pushed Kyon down the stairs?
    A: On January 2nd of the following year, Kyon took Mikuru to Nagato’s apartment. The three traveled to the previous December to save Kyon’s life and put the world right. Nagato herself converted her previous self from a human to an interface… You saw present Mikuru and Yuki as well as future Mikuru and Past Yuki. That means only two people could’ve done it. Can you picture Mikuru pushing Kyon down stairs? It’s the law of deduction people… Read the Novels.

    Q: There are so many Kyons at the last scene with Ryoko! Which Kyon is from where?!
    A: I flipped through the pages in the novel. The Kyon laying on the floor bleeding is native to December 20th. The Kyon standing over him is native to January 2nd of the next year. And consequently, There is another Kyon sleeping at home on December 18th.

    Q: Why are the episodes out of order?! THAT”S SO CONFUSING! Why would they do that?
    A: In Japan, The series was known pretty well by everyone and their grandmothers. Everyone already knew what to expect story-wise. “So why don’t we throw them off by starting off with the episode from a recently released novel?” That plan threw the people off and increased popularity. So they switched back and fourth between the beginning of the story and newer stories from the novels.


    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-6) *Related to movie*
    The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumiya
    Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody *explains “John Smith”*
    Mystérique Sign
    Remote Island Syndrome (1-2)
    Endless Eight (1-8) *Explains Yuki’s actions*
    The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya (1-5)
    The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00
    Live Alive
    The Day of Sagittarius
    Someday in the Rain *Related to movie*
    The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

    That totals out to 28 episodes. If you dont want to finish Endless 8, at least watch episodes 1,2, and 8. But if you really wont understand what Nagato was going through unless you watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

    HARUHI NEWS! (1/30/2012)

    Many of you have been wondering, season 1 was released in 2006 and season 2 was released back in 2009. It is currenly 2012 and yet there still no visible season 3.
    If you look on the interwebs you’ll find articles with people saying “there will be no season 3″. I’ve looked into it myself and found that many of the articles were just copying information from a single article with a Japanese quote crudly translated into english. The quote read “Haruhi no 3-ki o hoso suru yotei wanai, to iu kotodatta.” Google translator is stupid but that’s fine, since I’m fairly fluent in Japanese. It translates into something like (para-phrasing) [There are currently no plans to brodcast season 3.] This was shortly after Aya Hirano posted on twitter that she was working on a “secret project”. Many of you know that “production” and “broadcasting” are two completely different things. I’m betting the animation company wasn’t too fond of Aya’s tweet. They dont tend to announce projects as they take a long time depending on the quality and how many episodes they’re working on. I’m confident that a season 3 is in works. But like Nintendo hiding brawl, I dont think we’ll see hair or ribbon or Haruhi until the project reaches 95% completion. But based on how long ago the attention loving Aya posted the tweet, we might not see anything until 2013. Blaaauugghhh~

    OH! And one last thing. If you want to help fund Haruhi projects, make sure that you buy NEW and not used. Anything from season 1,2, the movie and even the funny Haruhi chan spin off will work. But the most support can be found in buying the Novels and Manga. They’re super cheap. So buy them.

    To feed your hope, I have more news! The Anime is still very much alive. The season 2 is just being released in a complete box set with Haruhi-chan episodes in the other countries this 2012. People who were left in the dark the previous years are still getting their anime fix! How does THAT make you feel?


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