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  • The Difference between Turkish, Arab and Indian people

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    This video is on the racial and cultural differences between Arabs, Turks and East Indians.

    Arabs are of Semitic origin like the people of Israel and Arab countries like Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Palestine, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are all situated in the Middle east. Arabs can be Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

    East Indians are a mixture of Australoid and Central Asian. Australoids are the indigenous people of India. Central Asian tribes like the Scythians and Aryans settled in India 5000 yrs ago and mixed with the Australoids. Indians are either Hindu or Sikh and India is in South Asia.

    Turks are Eurasian or in other words a mixture of Asian and European. The original Turks are from Mongolia(they are called Turkic) and their migration to Anatolia(present day Turkey) resulted in them mixing with Europeans. Turks are Muslim and Turkey is located near Greece.

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