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  • The Butterfly Collector – Directors Cut

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    The Butterfly Collector was inspired by the John Fowles novel ‘The Collector’ and the surrealist film, ‘La Belle et la Bête’ by Jean Cocteau. A beautiful young art gallery curator enters a strange curiosity shop in London’s East End where the owner decides to add her to his collection. She was not the first, nor possibly the last. Will she escape, fall in love, or end up in a bell jar? A dark tale of love and possession.

    This short film stars Alex Rose and James Rousseau @ Select models London, and features Jasmin Bell and an ‘uncredited’ appearance by Vadim Kosmos. It was styled by Aimee Croysdill with hair and make-up by Sarah Abbott. Second camera unit Lulu McArdle & Jasmin Bell, sound recorder Jessica Taylor. Music composed by Kevin MacLeod (Aftermath and Gloom Horizon) with a few added sound effects. The film was shot entirely on location at Viktor Wynd and Suzette Field’s ‘The Last Tuesday Society’ 11 Mare St London E8, with special thanks to the manager, the extraordinary Vadim Kosmos.

    Filmed for the ‘Cinema’ Issue of UNTITLED MAGAZINE Sept 2012.

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