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  • The Best Dog Vines of 2013

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    Dogs are man’s best teacher.
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    “Dopamine Machine – 2 – Falling Debris” by Dopamine Machine

    “I RUV YOU’ by Shellie
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    “Amazing entrance and pose” by Nate Villegas

    “Caught my dog starring at me while I was eating” by Liane V

    “Gustav is still Lillys best friend’ by Lilly And The Hairless
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    “True life: My poodle is addicted to smoking crack” by Kc James

    “Stella Plays Dead” by Steven Blakeley

    “I love riding my bike” by Norman Scooter Dog
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    “Hide N Seek pt 6″ by Joey Ahern and Steel
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    “Dog paddling” by Danielle Cracchiolo

    “god my dog is so clingy” by Andrew Ericson
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