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  • The Art of Portrait Photography | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

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    Humans have been creating likenesses of each other for thousands of years, but with the introduction of photography, a new language developed for capturing the human image. Photography created opportunities for not just for biography and documentation, but also depth, empathy, and experimentation. Many portrait photographers today elevate their work from mere photo to art, communicating ideas and capturing the human subject with dignity, all while exploring the meaning and potential of portraiture.

    Matt Hoyle,
    Bex Finch,
    Jamie Diamond,
    Ethan Levitas,

    Photographs by Ethan Levitas (in order of appearance)
    1) Kelli O’Hara for The New Yorker
    2) Dr. Mehmet OZ for The New Yorker
    3) Jane Alexander for The New Yorker
    4) Sheila Heti for The New Yorker
    5) Bon Iver for The New Yorker
    6) Takashi Murakami for The New Yorker
    7) Hani Furstenberg for The New Yorker
    8) Cai Guo-Qiang for The New Yorker
    9) Seth Numrich for The New Yorker
    10) Greg Ousley for The New York Times Magazine
    11) “Past Perfect #3″, series from series, 1997
    12) Cat Power/Chan Marshall for The New Yorker
    13) “Group/Portrait #33,” Japan, from series, 1999
    14) Nikolaj Hubbe for The New Yorker
    15) Fiona Shaw for The New Yorker
    16) Capt. Sam Brown for GQ Magazine
    17) Ethan Hawke and Gordon Clapp for The New Yorker
    18) Tristan Sturrock and Hannah Yelland for The New Yorker
    19) Animal Collective for The New Yorker
    20) Rudresh Mahanthappa for The New Yorker
    21) Carol Bove for The New Yorker
    22) Greg Ousley for The New York Times Magazine

    1) “Dance of the Dragonfly” by Spiriax –
    2) “Spirit” by Phyrid –
    3) “Sadness” by Emorej –
    4) “Waltz into the Moonlight” by Anitek –
    5) “Arrival of the Birds” by Lara Bartlett –
    6) “White Obsidian (Original Mix)” by Xan –
    7) “instru07″ by SeBTeiX –

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