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  • The 5 Most Indisputable Fan Theories of 2013

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    The Pixar Theory was concocted by Jon Negroni, based on a video he saw at Cracked. 

    His site –
    The Cracked video –

    At least two of these came from Reddit’s /r/fantheories, which has pretty quickly established itself as the central hub for fan theories. It’s a wonderful resource, and it’s at

    Walt/Malcolm was noted by robnjd at . Then Redditor Gulpeg immediately drew the wheelchair connection in a comment at

    Bill and Bobby’s similarities were noted by nonuniqueusername at 

    Then, another user named Cap’n Brunch remembered the time Bill says he slept with Peggy. This is what’s so great about Reddit!

    It’s difficult to determine who originally came up with the Willy Wonka and Grease theories. They’re all over sites like imgur. If anyone knows, please tweet @buzzfeedvideo and let us know.

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