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  • Presents: IceJJFish – On The Floor (Official Music Video)

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    You’ve heard his music.. you’ve seen his moves.. you asked for it and the time has finally come.. This is almost comparable to the second coming of Jesus.. maybe even 2pac?? gives you the OFFICIAL visual for IceJJFish, On The Floor (Pro By Headshots)

    This is the second of the 3 visuals we have in store for you all. Many thought he was playing around when he said he was here in San Antonio,Tx working, well, here is the proof!

    There is a lot of major things that are coming in the near future that we will not touch on so for now, let the sweet sounds of the Fish serenade you all! Men and women, get ready to be ear fucked by the almighty, king IceJJFish! #FishNation

    “On The Floor” (Produced By Headshots) – Twitter: @Headshots

    Model: Karen Vi
    IG: @Karen_Vi

    Special thank you for everyone involved in the process of producing this visual.

    Contact us at for Inquiries
    IG: @That_Raw
    Twitter: @ThatRaw

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