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    So…with all the “gift from god” pilots and crew members trying to sharpshoot the title/video, I have changed the explanation.

    1-The pilot is badass in my opinion(as is everyone that has flown with him), thus the title.
    2- Obviously it wasnt a super difficult LZ or else they would not have picked it for us to use.
    3-This was landing in the most dangerous part of Iraq where numerous other helos have gotten shot down.
    4- We went from 150 Knots at 75 feet in a very short distance to a perfect landing. Not to mention 125 degrees out with a heavy helo. Lesser pilots would have drooped the rotor and killed everyone.
    5- Unless you have been a pilot in Iraq/ hot climate combat…STFU cause you dont know shit about the numerous factors that normal pilots do NOT face.
    6- As with everything, there are better pilots out there and better landings…but that does not take away the fact that it takes years of training and experience to be able to accomplish something like this.
    7-Most people have a hard time parking their cars at Walmart…so what in your minds makes you think this is easy in any way shape or form. Just because he made it look easy doesnt mean it is.

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