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  • TexMod Modding Tutorial – Creating and Running your Own Outfit Mods [Tomb Raider]

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    A Short Tutorial on how to create and run your own outfits for Ms Croft or anyone else in all video games compatable with TexMod.

    List of Games Compatible with TexMod (from

    A Vampyre Story – thanks dark gene/fleet
    Ankh2: Heart of Osiris – Thanks Fleet
    Assassin’s Creed – Thanks Zebra
    Assassin’s Creed (Director’s cut) – thanks evacash
    Bard’s Tale – Thanks Fleet
    Battle For The Pacific – Thanks drakl0r
    Battlefield 2 – Thanks Skipperdoo
    Battlefield 2142 – Thanks Skipperdoo
    Battles Mages – Thanks Alex Fly
    BattleRaper 2 – Thanks fleet
    Big Mutha Truckers 2 – Thanks Fleet
    Broken Sword 4: Secrets of the Ark – Thanks Fleet
    Call of Duty 2 – Thanks Uneek
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Thanks drakl0r
    CivIV (demo)
    Clive Barker’s Jericho – Thanks drakl0r
    Condemned – Thanks Fleet
    Crysis (demo) – Thanks Larson_1988
    Desperate Housewives (the game) – Thanks Fleet
    Devil May Cry 4 (DirectX demo) – Thanks Fleet
    Dirt: Origin Of The Species (unpatched) – Thanks Fleet
    Dungeon Lords – Thanks fleet
    Dungeon Siege 2 & Broken World expansion (expansion only) – Thanks Fleet
    Dracula Origin – Background only – Thanks Fleet
    Dream of Mirrors Online – thanks fleet
    Driver Parallel Lines
    Dynasty Warriors 6 – Thanks Reddimus/fleet
    Eragon – Thanks Fleet
    Everquest 2 – thanks evilkinggumby
    eXperience112 (Demo) also called The Experiment – Thanks Fleet
    Fable: Lost Chapters
    Fahrenheit (European version of Indigo Prophecy) – Thanks Fleet
    Fallout 3 – Thanks Fleet
    Flatout 1 – Thanks b0bb13
    Flatout 2
    Forgotten Realms Demon Stone – Thanks Fleet
    Gods lands of Infinity Special Edition (partial?)- Thanks Fleet
    Godfather 2 – Thanks fleet
    GTA: San Andreas – Thanks Angel 14
    GTA4 – Thanks Larapink
    GTL Legends
    Guildwars – Thanks Fleet
    Guild 2 – Thanks Fleet
    Harry Potter:- Order Of The Phoenix – Thanks robwolf666
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – Thanks robwolf666
    Heros of Might and Magic V – Thanks Fleet
    Hitman Blood Money – Thanks Larapink
    Ice Age 2
    Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit) – Thanks drakl0r
    Infernal – Thanks Alex Fly
    Jade Empire Special Edition – Thanks Alex Fly
    Silent Storm and it’s sequels work – Thanks jarska
    Kohan 2 Kings of War – Thanks Fleet
    Left For Dead – Thanks Wraith_76/fleet
    Legacy Of Kain: Defiance – Thanks CroftScionGuard
    Lego Indiana Jones – Thanks Larson_1988
    Lego Star Wars 1
    Lego Star Wars 2
    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude – Thanks robwolf666
    Leisure Suit Larry game (Box Office Bust) – thanks evacash
    Mademan – Thanks Fleet
    Mass Effect – Thanks Fleet
    Medieval 2: Total War – Thanks Fleet
    Mercenaries 2 – thanks Cog
    Microsoft Games (Windows 32bit Vista – Solitaire, Mahjonng, etc..) – Thanks Uneek
    Midnight Club 2
    Mirror’s Edge – Thanks Alex Fly
    Mount and Blade : demo – Thanks Fleet
    Narnia: The lion, the witch and the wardrobe (2005) – Thanks Fleet
    Need For Speed Carbon – Thanks b0bb13
    Need For Speed Underground
    Need For Speed Underground 2 – Thanks trlestew
    Neverend – Thanks Fleet
    Neverwinter Nights 2 – Thanks War Baby
    New York City Tycoon – Thanks Fleet
    Night Watch – Thanks Fleet
    Oblivion (some errors) – Thanks Tomblover
    Overlord – Thanks fleet
    Benoit Sokal’s Paradise – Thanks Fleet
    Pac Man world 3 – Thanks Poseidons_Doom
    Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End – Thanks goTh’a
    Prince Of Persia (2008) Thanks Itze/fleet
    Resident Evil 4 – Thanks Uneek DETAILS-RE4
    Rise of the Argonauts – Thanks fleet
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 – Thank badboy70
    Serious Sam 2
    7 sins – Thanks Fleet
    Shadowrun – Thanks badboy70
    Sid Meiers Pirates – Thanks Fleet
    Silent Hill Homecoming – Thanks Aurelien52
    Silverfall – Thanks Fleet
    Singles 2 – Thanks Fleet
    Snowblind – Thanks Fleet
    Spellforce 1: Platinum edition – Thanks Fleet
    Spellforce 2 – Thanks Fleet
    Spiderman 3 – Thanks to Marvel Mods community
    Sudeki – Thanks Fleet
    Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekitou – Thanks legend of Lara
    Swat 4 – Thanks Fleet
    The Godfather – Thanks evacash
    The Movies – Thanks george croft
    The Secret Files: Tunguska (Just Character skins)- Thanks Fleet
    The Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis(demo) – thanks evacash
    The Suffering
    The Suffering 2: Ties that bind – Thanks Fleet
    Titan Quest – Thanks Alex Fly
    Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (needs troad.exe in traod folder – thanks slayer)
    Tony Hawk: Underground 2 – Thanks Fleet
    TopSpin2 (textures visible only under loading page) – Thanks Fleet
    Total Overdose
    Transformers demo – Thanks Alex Fly
    UnReal Tournament 3 – Thanks Tomblover
    Wanted: Weapons of Fate – Thanks Sir Croft
    Warriors Orochi – Thanks Alex Fly
    World Of Warcraft (Partial non-character only) – Thanks goTh’a
    X-blades – thanks evacash

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