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  • Texas Sword Day with the Texas Law Hawk

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    Beginning Sept 1, 2017, knife laws in Texas are changing. We teamed up with Bryan Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk, to explain how these new laws affect you.

    You’ll now be able to carry knives longer than 5.5 inches with a few location based exceptions. You still can’t carry a knife longer than 5.5 inches in schools, bars, government courts and a few other places. Make sure you know the law before you begin carrying. Learn more here:

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    Here are a few of the knives & blades featured in this video:
    KA-BAR Fighting Knife:
    KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife:
    Kershaw Camp 14” Machete:
    CAS Hanwei Practical Shinobi:
    CAS Hanwei Winter Sun Katana:
    CAS Hanwei Celtic Sword:
    UST ParaCuda 11” Machete:
    Cold Steel Leaf Shaped Spear:
    Fairfield Bladerunner Bayonet:
    Schrade Large Kukri Machete:

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