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  • Test Tube Torture Tests – OLIVE OIL

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    I’m still kicking around a proper, descriptive name for this series….

    The test tube fail concept is pretty simple but demonstrates some complex scenarios.
    What happens to “x” when superheated inside a small pressure vessel and put under hundreds of pounds of pressure?

    This episode we put olive oil in a Pyrex test tube, seal it and heat it with a blow torch.

    High speed cameras: Casio EXF1 Pro’s

    Common sense dictates that this is dangerous. Although this is a “small-scale” test, it is dangerous to some degree. We are not trying to make a bomb, but a pressure vessel with a controlled-release of pressure to demonstrate pressure/temperature relationships.

    -Keep suggesting! Even if you posted an idea on the last video, re-post the idea here as I will probably scan these comments for the next idea! It is very hard to keep track of the ideas, so that will help me.

    (Sorry if I missed anyone!)
    Suggested by: AlucardsDarkestNight, m4xwellmurd3r, Glenn Simpkins, A Bush, Francis Borek, tapper88, worldwidepaperchaser, wazup862, Igor Giganski.

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