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  • Terminal Cornucopia :: BLUNDERBUSSness Class :: Break-Action Shotgun

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    Here’s a picture of the weapon and a “spent” shell after firing: Yes, it’s still fully functional. It disappears in the footage because it flew about six feet backwards from the recoil. I didn’t anticipate NEARLY that much recoil, so I didn’t anchor it down adequately.

    All materials required to build this weapon were purchased in an airport AFTER the security screening.

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    All Terminal Cornucopia weapons were constructed in a lab. At no point were any weapons built, handled, or transported in or near an airport.

    Because the findings of this research (thus far) are arguably common sense, it is in this researcher’s opinion that they fall outside of the purview of Responsible Disclosure. That said, all findings have been reported to the proper authorities, whom were granted the option of establishing a timeline for remediation and/or disclosure. No instructions have been given to that end.

    Don’t break the law. Don’t build weapons if you don’t know how to do it safely. Don’t be stupid.

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