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  • Terence Mckenna – Terra Lucida

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    Best watched in 720p, Music in the background is: Markus Guentner – Express Yourself.
    The video is from: Between the Buried and Me – Astral Body ( ) Directed by Wes Richardson – with Terence Mckenna’s – Terra Lucida (World of Iights) layered over the top, Terra Lucida is an experiment with psychedelic visionary McKenna.
    McKenna points to a realm of light beyond this current world-
    We are engaging an imaginatrix of unlimited revelation and post-DNA photon ecologies.
    McKenna indicates a portal for shamanistic journeying into worlds beyond life where
    Nothing really ends…

    The recordings were made circa 1989 in Petaluma, California with collaborator Britt Welin.
    Assorted vegetables and spore-bearing fruit were also present.

    (A picture of Terence Mckenna has been crossfaded in at the end of the video)

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