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  • Tandem nursing – kitten and baby?

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    My kitty Serendipity is a “wool sucker”: she likes to suck on shirts (generally the seam) or other soft things for comfort after being taken in at a very early 4 weeks following abandonment by her mum. Every time I lay down to nurse my baby to sleep for a nap, or try and get her back to sleep after she wakes up at night, Serendipity is immediately right there on me trying to ‘nurse’ along with her buddy. I don’t know if it’s a “littermate” comfort thing, or she smells the milk or what, but she does it every single time. Usually she gets up as close as she can to the baby, who then throws a sleepy arm over her body to hold her there, and they end up huddled together like that for hours. They’ve been doing it since the day kitten came home with us. :)

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