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  • SWIMWEAR FINAL ROUND OF THE 2013 KIDS Fashion Democracy – Fashionestas Rule!

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    The KIDS FDFR Mission Statement

    In our attempt to have a wider range of models from various backgrounds and influences for the “KIDS Fashion Democracy – Fashionestas Rule!” – we

    believe that a child’s participation in our “KIDS Fashion Democracy – Fashionestas Rule!” – Fashion Show Model Contest – would be a great vehicle for

    exposing and advertising their child model brand to the public, media/press, TV, print, online, newspapers, fashion magazines and various other child

    fashion model branding opportunities.

    Over $6,000 in prizes will be awarded to the “Zoii Award” winner for “Most Outstanding Child Model” in each age category will help to provide the tools

    and platform needed to make the child model’s brand evolve.

    All of our child models and their families share the beauty, fun and entertainment of seeing their kids on the fashion runway reach their full


    Dedicated to the loving memory of the late Coleen “Zoii” Douglas (Creative Director & Principal Partner) of PLITZS Fashion Marketing — an icon in the

    urban fashion scene “Zoii” was know for his creativity, energy, kindness and fairness. His name will be honored each year with the presentation of this

    award to the “Most Outstanding Child Model”.

    PRIZES For The Two Winners of The KIDS Fashion Democracy Show:

    1) Cash Prize ($500)
    2) Model Website ($1,700 Value)
    3) Portfolio Photo Shoot ($1,400 Value)
    4) Video Commercial ($1,500 Value)
    5) Video Portfolio ($900 Value)
    6) Opportunity to Appear in PLITZS New York City Fashion Week
    7) 2 VIP Front Row Seats at PLITZS New York City Fashion Week ($120 value)
    8) Winners Trophy
    9) Interview with one of NYC Largest International Commercial Model Agencies

    THE “ZOII AWARD” Winners – Prizes Totaling $12,240

    Each Winner receives $6,120 in Prizes

    Prizes Totaling ($6,120)

    PLITZS Fashion Marketing
    Direct Phone: 646.257.4207
    New York City

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