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  • Swim Zack Swim full short film for free

    Partilha no teu site ou blog: Please go to my website and make a Donation so I can make new productions and help young actors by providing them with the piratical experience required to find work in the industry.

    I am now offering my short film Swim Zack Swim for free. Video pirates are selling pirated copies of the film on their websites. I am the world wide copyright holder. I own all the world wide copyrights to this film, also all the rental rights and so on. If you are not purchasing my films fro me it is an e legal copy and you could go to jail for 5 years or be fined up to $250,000

    This film is Rated G by the Ontario Film Review Board of Canada. Open to all audiences

    imdb link

    PS. I did offer the pirates a deal where we would split the profits they make 50 50. Their reply was to shut down my website and email. It is fixed now so if you want to buy a copy of this film on dvd just go to my website. All the money made from sales goes back into making new films.

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