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  • Super Smash Bros 4 Characters: Little Mac from Punch Out (WII U / 3DS Gameplay) 【All HD】

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    Today, during Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct pre-recorded webcast, the company revealed Little Mac from the Super Punch Out is a playable character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. Thank you Doc Louis, if it wasn’t for you, little mac would of never made it! Who else is going to main little mac beside me?!

    Also it shows Giga Mac as Little Mac’s Final Smash which is pretty cool.

    The Japanese gaming giant also discussed Mario Golf: Wold Tour for the 3DS and how the title will allow gamers to play as their Miis in the game. The game is set to be released on May 2nd.

    The company also discussed Kirby Triple Delux, a 3DS that looks like it’s intent on returning the Kirby franchise to its 2D side scrolling roots. Kirby Triple Deluxe is set to be released on May 2nd.

    March 14th Yoshi’s New Island.

    First person successor to Steel Diver.

    With an expected release of Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U and 3DS coming later this year, the increased pace for revealed characters is a welcome sight. Who knows which identity from the Nintendo universe will be next?

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS will launch at some point in 2014.
    Super smash bros 4 playlist

    Super Smash Bros 4 Characters: Little Mac Trailer (WII U / 3DS Gameplay Screenshots)

    Nintendo Direct Playlist:

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